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How to apply eyelash extensions?

When opening your Endless Lashes, be gentle when pulling the lashes off the tray, you don’t want to damage your new lashes. Use your Endless tweezers and lift the outside edge of the lash gently.


Curl your natural eyelashes with your Endless eyelash curler.


Adjust the length of eyelashes by holding the lash to your eyelid and measure whether the lash should be trimmed. If so use the Endless scissors to trim from the outer side of the lashes.


Hold the lash with your Endless tweezers and apply a strip of adhesive along the edge of the eyelash band.


Let the adhesive sit for 30 seconds (remember the drier the glue the better it will sick to your lashes) and then apply lashes with your tweezers as close to your natural lash line as possible. Start from the centre, then press in the inner corner and continue to the outer side of your eyelid.


Apply eyeliner to fill in any gaps.


Repeat on the other side.